Welcome to My World


My name is Alyssa Ilves and I love to cook. I have been cooking since I took my first cooking class in second grade, and my curiosity to learn about food hasn’t wavered since. I love learning new recipes, cooking from different cultural backgrounds, and of course I love to eat.

I am owner and operator of my own personal chef business, Happy Spatulas, where I work for individuals, couples, and families around Los Angeles helping them with their weekly meals, special events, and desires to learn how to cook!

Welcome to my blog!

In my life I have tried many times to start a cooking blog, but always seemed to forget about it because of other projects. In 2019 my goal is to keep up with this blog and post often about working with food, my experiments in the kitchen, and special events in my business.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing my food with you, and hearing about your experiences in the kitchen as well!

Love & Happy Spatulas,


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